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Discover the Secrets of Owning Your Own Custom Scrapbook Business

"Start Your Own Scrapbooking Business"
Make Money Doing What You Love

Imagine owning your own custom scrapbook business designing scrapbooks and selling scrapbooks to others. How would your life change? I did. And my dream ultimately became my reality. And my life DID change. I became a business owner and began enjoying my work for the first time in my life.

I have received so many emails asking me how I got my business started. I've received countless requests to help others setup a custom scrapbook business. But I simply did not have the time to help each and every person while continuing to run my own business.

Well, I have finally documented all of the steps I took when I started my custom scrapbook design business and the lessons I learned along the way.

Now I'm offering you access to this information as well. You don't have to reinvent the wheel to start your own business doing what you love, you can simply follow the steps outlined in my new eBook,

"How to Start Your Own Custom Scrapbook Design Business."

You may be wondering why I would want to share this information and create more competition. The simple reason is that I have more work than I can handle. A few other scrapbookers out there doing what they love for a living won't hurt my business. And if I can help a fellow scrapbooker out in the process, I am happy to do it. And YES, the answer to the most frequently asked question is,


I have been where you are now. Racking my brain trying to figure out how to stay home with my kids but still bring in a paycheck. How I can escape the red tape of the corporate world. How I can stop always working and answering to someone else. The day I finally took the plunge and started my business, was the day I found my freedom.

Don't get me wrong. Starting, running and owning your own business is work. It isn't necessarily hard work, but it does take your attention and time. But it is time spent doing what you love and doing something for yourself and your family, not for the boss. YOU ARE THE BOSS!

With your own custom scrapbook design business, you can:

  • Make $75 an hour or more doing something you love to do.

  • Be in charge of the hours you work — you can work as little or as much as you like — whenever you like!

  • Never worry about someone else watching your kids when you trudge off to the office each day — you work from home!

  • Never spend a fortune on work clothes or uniforms — you can work in a sweats or even your pajamas.

  • Never worry about scheduling vacation days or going into your office when you are sick so you can save your sick days for when your children are ill.

  • Start your business small with minimal investment and grow it over time.

  • If you currently have a job you enjoy, you can still make extra money on the side.

  • Be more in control of your life!

With my book you will learn specific step by step instructionsto starting your own business designing custom scrapbooks. I've included detailed information about:

  • establishing your business
  • marketing your business
  • dealing with clients
  • and what important paperwork and documentation you need to maintain.

And as a bonus, I have included customizable samples of contracts, photo inventories and memorabilia inventories you can use in your business.

I am offering access to this all inclusive business startup plan for scrapbooking for the low price of $25.00. Similar plans on other websites go for as much as $129!!! You shouldn't have to make an investment that large to gain the knowledge you need to begin your scrapbooking business. For less than a fourth of that price you will receive immediate access to download your very own copy of this valuable resource, cutting the time to get your business off the ground by almost half. I've done all the research, I've already setup a successful business of my own. Now you can get the benefit of my experience.


How to Start Your Own Custom Scrapbook Design Business

Limited Time Offer!

For a limited time, you can access this valueable information for the low price of only $14.99! A $25 value for only $14.99. Don't wait, this offer will only last for a short time.

And as a BONUS!

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